Mishkhah brings a wealth of experience to creating and carrying out dynamic, interactive worship and prayer environments. From medieval-style cathedrals to modern neighborhood churches to seminary and retreat center chapels to unpromising convention halls and hotel conference rooms, Mishkhah understands the challenges and opportunities in creating sacred space in a variety of settings.


Through individualized training and consulting, Mishkhah partners with you to create worship that stirs the senses and opens the heart.  Mishkhah will help you create worship that allows the mystery of God to draw those who are looking for a place of encounter with God for the first time or who are hoping to deepen their spiritual lives in new ways.  Mishkhah has identified a four-phase planning process for introducing and sustaining new forms of worship which includes:

  • Discovery
  • Preparation
  • Launch
  • Sustain

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Special Occasions

Mishkhah will partner with you to create and carry out a worship environment of music, the arts and interactive prayer that supports special feast days, events, workshops, retreats and conferences.
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Mishkhah is available to perform concerts that include music from Kate Eaton’s recent recording, ARISE, New Music for Worship. The artistic creations of Mishkhah can also be incorporated into concerts.
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Mishkhah Discovery Boxes

Mishkhah has developed a “Discovery Box” that will support and reinvigorate the planning groups who are involved in carrying out new forms of worship.  Mishkhah has identified the “Discovery” phase as one of the most important aspects of creating and sustaining a vibrant, life-giving worship experience.  You will be guided through a special evening of exploration as you read the Scriptures together for an upcoming season and identify potential themes.  Included are ideas for prayer stations and a wondering item prepared by Mishkhah.
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