I am profoundly moved by your music. I mean exactly that and my response is prompted as a music lover, a person of faith and a voyager to the sharpest edges of the human experience, who draws solace from music, faith and literature when journeying across battlefields and places of darkness. My musical tastes are eclectic and catholic in the larger meaning of the sense, so is my sense of faith ecumenical. I appreciate the ecumenical variety and multiculturalism of the music and love the story you told. And to hear the language of Christ, well, it was beautiful.

– Chris Kline, CNN journalist

What a gift! At the end of a long day’s work at our recent diocesan convention the Wilderness brought us all back to our center. The Wilderness is an experience of spaciousness—an invitation to claim the present moment as a place of divine encounter and gracious transformation.

– Bishop Robert O’Neill, The Diocese of Colorado

Kate has helped bring together clergy, volunteers, and musicians to create a new wonder in worship. Your congregation would do well to form a partnership with Kate to create a service that is meaningful and relevant to the times in which we live. She has great gifts to share.

– Abby Humphrey, Wilderness Worshiper

Kate has an amazing creative gift and is willing to share her thoughts and experience. She is one of the most generous people I have ever met. She always listens graciously to others, shares words of encouragement, teaches in a way that I can hear.

– Susan Lewellen, Wilderness Leader

Working with Mishkhah has been a delight.  Kate brings a combination of professionalism, a willingness to dialogue and a desire to have fun in the process.  She has passion and vision, and an ability to bring all of this to life.  It is a rare gift for such a creative individual to be as attentive to the details of planning.  Kate Eaton is a rare find!

– The Rev. Andrew Van Culin, Sub-Dean, Saint John’s Cathedral, Denver CO

Nishma gives me the opportunity every week to consider the people in my life, both known and unknown, to hold them in the light of a burning candle, to stand before an altar I’ve helped create, to sit in sacred space I’ve tended. I am always grateful but even more now, when my needs are met unexpectedly. In a manner I cannot possibly miss.

Thank you all for helping create and sustain Nishma.

With love and in gratitude,

-Parishoner/Volunteer for Nishma, a Saturday Evening Service at Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church Lakewood, Colorado

I came there almost by accident.  A friend invited me and I arrived in haste with all the stress of the day clinging to me.  It took my breath away as my senses were filled with beauty.  I ran my fingers through sand and read about forgiveness.  I forgave.   I released burdens as I let the water pour over my fingers and my soul.   I was restored by the scent of myrrh.  The music reached deep into my soul where words could not go and spoke of His love for me.

– Carrie Morgan

The discovery of Mishkhah and Kate Eaton’s glorious music quenches my thirst for a sacred virtual experience.  The videos have become part of my morning meditation and Kate’s exquisite music is both blessing and inspiration.

– Dana Reynolds, Sacred Life-Artisan Mentor, Spiritual Director

It was a pleasure working with Kate and Mishkhah for Refuge @ St. Paul’s. Mishkhah was with us from inception through launch and beyond. There are so many facets to a creative service, it was a tremendous blessing to have people with experience doing this to walk us through it.

– Father Kris Opat, Associate Rector, Saint Paul’s Episcopal, Pittsburgh PA

Friday’s service was absolutely beautiful to say the least. It was intimate yet let everyone in with open arms. This, having been my first Mishkhah service to attend, really opened my eyes to God’s presence. Growing up Catholic, I have learned to “experience” God during mass, but that seems to become so mundane. For me, experiencing God outside of the usual Sunday liturgies was merely hit or miss. After Friday, I learned to open my mind and soul to God outside of the church, and to find Him in the people around me. I would consider this service to have been an incredible awakening – it is so hard to put into words how moving it was.

– Dakotah Braun, Mishkhah service attendee, August 6, 2010

Having been to the Wilderness once, I knew that it would be special, but I was really blown away. The music, lighting, photos, aromas, decor, prayer stations, movement of people, sense of the holy, sense of expectancy….all came together with the readings and the prayers, the sermon and the eucharistic celebration to provide a beginning to the weekend that was spectacular.

– Lynn Huber, President, Episcopal Peace Fellowship of Colorado

For me, the beauty in the Wilderness is that it is new, without being different. For the Episcopal congregation that is mindful of the tradition, yet interested in something new (be it new members of the congregation, or new, and more frequent, attendance patterns from the existing parishioners), it is my firm belief that out of the Wilderness, our church might find a way.

I am aware that Kate Eaton has created the music and arts for the Wilderness service, Her contribution has had a significant impact on its success as has her leadership. Her new CD, ARISE, is a wonderful representation of what she’s developed musically for this kind of service. I would recommend that any church which is interested in launching a new service consult with Kate and utilize her ability to produce a new sound for traditional worship.

The spiritual environment of the Wilderness is breathtaking. The beauty is not to be missed and invites the sojourner into a deeper understanding of the Episcopal tradition and liturgy. Kate carefully prepares the cathedral for each season, delving into the readings and themes, listening for ways to invite people to move and pray.

– Rich Kylberg, President CCA, Inc.

I finally went to the Wilderness this evening and it was wonderful. I am working through some heaving lifting in life, so it was a little emotional for me, but I really loved the feel, the intimacy and the age group. I am working myself back into church life and I do not know all of the customs of the Episcopal church, but loved the intimacy and informality of the Wilderness. I am excited for next week.

– Christine Cook, Mishkhah Service Attendee 2009

I am not a religious person and pretty much figured I would be struck by lightning if I ever walked into a holy place, but thought I could sit through a church service for my husband’s sake. I was completely blown away by the music; it was so unlike anything I had ever heard before. I remember thinking, “Amazing how they figured out how to incorporate Middle Eastern music into an Episcopal service.” This made me curious about the actual preaching. I began to pay attention to what the priest was saying. I focused on how the service and the music worked together to create an environment that was not only “Holy” in its content but also spiritual. Spiritual in ways that made sense to me, who is a very non-religious, anti-church person. It gets complicated when I try to explain this to to others…so forgive me, but I will do the best I can. In a non-defining moment of listening to the sermon and the ensemble, I was hit by this overwhelming sense of spiritual being, comfort and a total understanding of humankind. I felt like I was Catholic, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, human, you name it, I was the very best of it at that moment. I guess I had found my spiritual enlightenment.

-Andrea Johnson, Mishkhah Service Attendee 2009

Kate Eaton’s voice is original and inspired. The haunting rhythms and melodies of ARISE will transport you across centuries and continents into the mystery of Christian worship.

– Darragh Gallagher from Belfast

Kateʼs hymns of love and praise draw one into a deeper sense of God. Kate is manifesting her gifts in a way that is drawing young and old alike into a new experience of worship.

– Margaret Johnson, Spiritual Director