The Seasons

Mishkhah draws upon the church calendar and its seasons to design worship environments that are dynamic, edgy and experimental.

By creating worship that remains the same for a period of six to eight weeks we allow for more creativity and experimentation. Volunteers, staff and clergy can prepare for each worship experience in a similar manner for a number of weeks, giving them the chance to settle into the wonder and mystery of the season while not having to come up with something new every week.

Over the period of a season, worshipers also have the opportunity to become familiar with new hymn arrangements, respond to the invitation to move about the worship space, visit special areas of prayer, and speak together the prayers that have been written by faithful people from all over the world.

The seasonal environments are the result of the coming together of a small group. This small group forms the basis for leadership. As they read the Scriptures for a particular time of the year, quietly and aloud with one another, they begin a wonderful journey together. As the members of the group listen to each other offer a thought, a question or even a concern, the readings begin to yield their wisdom to the minds, souls and hearts of those who are gathered. Themes then emerge and the group begins to explore ways to invite people into the worship experience through all of the senses.

This small group experience is at the heart of creating worship in the Mishkhah spirit, and Kate trains and empowers these small groups as an integral part of the four-phase planning process of Discovery, Preparation, Launch, and Sustain.