St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buffalo, NY

Mishkhah mp3 radio announcement for Buffalo, NY

Coming this Fall: A New Service at St. Paul’s Cathedral

Saint Paul’s Cathedral is pleased to announce that it will host a special worship experience created by Kate Eaton of Mishkhah on September 15th, 2012 at 5pm. This worship experience will include expansive language, innovative music and creative use of space and the arts to give new expression to the timeless truths of the Christian faith. The service follows the pattern of the liturgy for the Holy Eucharist from the Book of Common Prayer but uses language from a variety of sources from around the world.

Kate has been the inspiration behind the success of the Wilderness, a Sunday night liturgy at Saint John’s Cathedral in Denver CO that has drawn thousands of new worshippers over the past five years. She has also partnered with Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lakewood CO, Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh PA and Christ Church Cathedral in New Orleans to help these communities create successful weekly evening liturgies.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral is preparing to launch its own new evening worship service on October 20th, 2012. Kate Eaton and Mishkhah are partnering with Saint Paul’s to assist them on their journey towards creating a dynamic and transformative worship experience where all the senses are engaged.

On September 15th, we will begin our journey of discovery and preparation as we worship together, experiencing what has been prepared for us by Kate Eaton of Mishkhah. Kate will be bringing her musicians to share the style of music she’s created and recorded on her CD, titled ARISE, New Music for Worship. She will create the worship environment and prayer stations as a special offering to us. All will be invited to wander the space, visit the prayer stations, and take in the experience.

Following the service, we will have a brief presentation from Kate and Mishkhah, with an opportunity for questions and answers.

Visit Mishkhah online at ARISE, New Music For Worship.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Launches a New Worship Experience

Live music, prayer stations, images, icons and tapestries: musician Kate Eaton of Denver, Colorado merges faith and the creative arts into a unique experience. On Wednesday, May 26 at 7:00 p.m., she will bring her conceptual vision to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Mt. Lebanon, PA for a special evening of worship. Free to the public, this service will stir the senses and open the heart. The evening will also be a preview and planning opportunity for the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh, which intends to introduce a similarly-styled service at St. Paul’s beginning in September, 2010.
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Conference to Lead Journey Into Peace

“Journey Into Peace: Creating a Culture of Non-Violence” – a weekend of worship, training in spiritually-grounded peacemaking techniques, and recreation – will be Aug. 6-8 at St. John’s Cathedral.
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Conference Explores Labyrinths as Tools for Transformation

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Centennial is partnering with Kate Eaton of St. John’s Cathedral in Denver to design “Living Water,” a deeply spiritual, candle-lit Lenten worship service on March 10, at 6:30 p.m. Eaton has created the look, feel and sound for the Sunday night Wilderness services at St. John’s Cathedral, a compelling mystical experience, which has drawn a new and unique congregation to the Cathedral the past two and a half years, and which provided one of the worship services at last fall’s diocesan convention in Pueblo.
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Finding Faith in the Wilderness

For Sunday night services of the Wilderness, the high-vaulted ceiling of St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral shimmers with purple and green light effects, like an indoor aurora borealis.

Below, dozens of candles flicker near icons in the dark nave. Incense hangs in the air. Congregants can choose to sit in a pew or on thick cushions at the foot of a simple altar. A stringed Moroccan oud gives even traditional songs of praise an exotic twist, but there is also world music, chant and jazz…
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THE WILDERNESS: A New Sunday Night Service Brings the Ancient Future to the Cathedral

Created by the spiritual enthusiasm and commitment of Saint John’s Cathedral clergy and a group of parishioners, the Wilderness, a Sunday night service that debuted last September, is in its eighth month at the Cathedral.
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